Tuesday, August 14, 2012

information update!

WOW! Its been a very long time since I have blogged...I apologize for the very long pause. I first want to start by saying that due to our very busy life style, blogging has been on the very back burner. Therefore I would like to extend my email address to anyone interested in contacting me for information regarding surrogacy, or my personal journey through a surrogacy as well as advice. I check my email daily, and I absolutely love talking about my journey and giving a very honest look into surrogacy. Please feel free to interrupt my day with as many questions or comments as you would like:) astarr04@gmail.com also, I want to express my admiration for Surrogate Mothers Inc. Working with them was an absolute pleasure and I recommend them fully to anyone interested in being a surrogate as well as anyone looking for a surrogate. Mr. Litz was very informative and never hesitated to make sure my experienced was one I would cherish. His staff treated me with the most respect even when I would send 100 emails about ever single topic under the sun. Not only was the experience professional but it was very personal as well and with out their support, and encouragement this wouldn't have been possible. (and no, I was not paid to say any of that, these are my true feelings regarding SMI) For more information on SMI go visit www.surrogatemothers.com and tell them I sent ya;) now for a quick update on my life: Chris and I are expecting our 3rd child:) we are all thrilled to be adding another beautiful baby to our family. I am only 13 weeks so we still have a long road ahead of us. The girls are split, one wants a boy and the other wants another girl...after having 4 girls though (my two plus the twins) I have a slight feeling boys are not even a possibility lol. Then again I am sure that isn't why you all stay tuned...my life is boring right? Heres what you all want to know....HOW ARE THE TWINS?!? The girls are doing wonderful, for that matter so are their daddies:) I recently signed over all parental rights and soon the girls will have French citizenship. In june they celebrated their 1st birthday, can you believe that! Though we are an ocean away would had the pleasure of being present during their birthday via many videos, and pictures...and of course we sent them a big box of gifts (what would you get two french girls that SCREAMS america...American girl dolls:)Not only have we been a part of their birthday, but we have witnessed their first steps, first words, and many cute moments and mile stones in-between. the guys really are doing an amazing job and they have two beautiful and spoiled little girls to show for it. I still receive emails, Skype calls, and text messages...pictures are exchanged all the time and we remain just as close as we ever have been. the family plans on visiting in April and we are ready! we plan on taking turns early traveling to on another...and have already begun planning a 2014 trip to Barcelona where we will meet up with the guys and their girls... After everything, all the ups and downs I can still say that this process, this experience has changed our lives and I am truly blessed to have all of you care so much! Thank you....

Monday, November 7, 2011

France or Bust!

Hey everyone!
  Once again it's been a long while since I have written, but there hasn't been much going on surrogacy wise in our lives. Recently that has chanced though:)

Some of you may have heard the great news, but I'm writing today to share with those you haven't...WE ARE GOING TO FRANCE!!

All 4 of us (myself, my husband, and our 2 daughters) will be boarding a plane Christmas night in route to Paris, France. There we will meet our couple and the beautiful twins. We will spend 2 days in Paris sight seeing with our French family before boarding a high speed Train for 3 hours to the town where they live. We will spend 3 days there meeting their families and friends but mostly just catching up and baby gazing:). After our time at their home, all 8 of us will drive an hour to spend New Years Day in a Chateau located in the mountains. There, we will be joined by many friends and family to celebrate 2012! We can not wait! This will be my 2nd time to France, but a new experience for sure. I am so thrilled that we have a reason to Travel across the world, and that we are lucky enough to make our this trip possible.

January 4th we will board that same train, and head back to Paris in preparation to leave on the 5th. We will have a full 10 days with the 4 people who we now consider family. We have missed them so much over the past months and wiring until July to take our trip just seemed so far away....so our plans changed...as did theirs, since we will not be visiting France in the summer, they will visit the US instead:) I absolutely can not believe how far we have come and I look so forward to our trip as well as many more!! 

I am so excited to share with you all the details of our happy reunion! Stay tuned in the new year to hear about all France has to offer:)

* on a side note, I was so happy to be given the opportunity to help and hopefully comfort another surrogate. When I began the process everything was so new, the emotions I felt as well has the physical aspect. I contacted a few surrogates but because each experience is different I didn't find it helpful. I began this blog as an open and honest look into MY surrogacy, and if it has helped in anyway it has been successful. If you are a surrogate seeking information, advice, or just someone to talk to who knows what you may be going through emotionally and physically please please feel free to email me at astarr04@gmail.com there I can give you my phone number for a more interactive conversation!