Monday, December 20, 2010

Double Trouble

Hey everyone,

As most of you have already heard, we have some pretty exciting news to announce the transfer was 100% successful! Meaning there isn't 1 baby there are 2 babies....TWINS! Needless to say everyone is overjoyed with this wonderful news.

The couple writes me at least 3 times a week to tell me how excited they are. They still can't believe the great news and refuse to believe it until the 1st trimester (the dangerous trimester) is over. Even though they are acting pessimistic, the fact that they are already building on to their house to make room for an extra baby says something entirely different. :)

Now I would like to apologize for my long break from the blog, especially during such an exciting time. My body isn't adjusting to twins as well as I had hoped. It turns out that carrying twins is very different then carrying a single. Everything is doubled, including "Morning Sickness" which has proven to be morning, day, and night sickness. I haven't been able to eat a meal in weeks (which feels like forever) and what little food I do eat (such as Saltines, dry toast, apples, and peppermint) doesn't stay down for longer than 10 minutes. Without nutrients I am having a hard time finding energy, which is an issue with two toddlers! Luckily I have a great support system. My husband has been my rock; he works all day, comes home, takes care of the kids, and does all the house work and cooking. Without him we would probably be starving and living in our own filth. The men we are doing this for are also very supportive; though far away, they always send me "Get Well" messages and ask about my well- being. I am so grateful to have been paired with such a humble and caring couple.

I am in my ninth week of pregnancy, and since this is a surrogacy it is referred to as a "High Risk" pregnancy, meaning I will undergo many more ultrasounds, blood tests, and doctor appointments. I go for my 3rd ultrasound on Wednesday, and the couple is so excited because not only will they be able to see the heart beat (via video), they will be able to hear the heart beat as well as see the babies. I will also be going to my first pregnancy appointment with my own doctor. I am excited to see what he has to say and hear the advice he has to give me. I am even more happy because we are approaching week 10 which means only 3 more weeks until lucky week 13. I am anxious to get past this trimester and enjoy this pregnancy as I have enjoyed my 2 previous pregnancies.

I will be sure to keep everyone as updated as possible in the next couple of weeks, so please continue to follow this amazing journey with us. Stick with me for a couple more weeks, and I promise to write much more, but for now....I am off to rest! Thanks for your love and support!