Sunday, November 14, 2010

Positively Happy!

Hey Everyone,
As you all know I recently got back from Portland, where the embryo transfer took place. I am happy to say that the transfer was a full success! I am in fact pregnant and can say that I am about 90 % sure both embryos have started to develop (although we will not find out if I am carrying twins for 2 more weeks)

I found out the good news Thursday but I admit that my anxiety got the best of me, leading me to take multiple pregnancy test at home throughout the week. I was nervous because the 1st one came back negative but I read it was much too soon, 2 days later (Tuesday) the second pink line assured me of a pregnancy, Wednesday's test did the same and finally after a blood test on Thursday I got the confirmation from the Oregon clinic.

I was over the moon excited, excited for the pregnancy to actually begin, and even more excited to relay the message to the couple! I emailed them because of the time difference but, that didn't stop either of us from expressing how thrilled we were about the wonderful news we all just received! My email was very straight forward, I didn't want to keep them waiting any longer then they already had been. I titled the email "CONGRATS!" and simply said "The test was positive! So I guess congratulations are in order! You both will be such terrific daddies!" and soon after I was sent the most heart warming email from them...

"Hey Alexis!

Still can't believe the news ....I dreaded opening your e mail because I feared the worse...but the answer we hoped for came today !
Maybe you'd like to know how we got this incredible news ? If so, just read after :

I was in my classroom with another teacher, the nap was finished for the kids,and their shoes were back on, the ones who had to go to the restroom had already done what they had to do, we were ready to get back to work ... I heard a very familiar sound : my phone ringing !
I read the text message and couldn't understand the urgency (due to my poor English) ... I was so upset and asked the other teacher how she interpreted the text ... She didn't provide much help ! She was as anxious as me ... I asked her to look after the kids, and I quickly left the classroom, and dashed to the director's office ( she was out today !!!), my fingers were trembling so hard on the computer, I could hardly push the buttons...
we weren't expecting the news so soon, so of course I thought I was about to receive terrible news, and I wasn't prepared! The computer was still loading ... loading for minutes, hours, ... centuries ? Finally the computer was ready ... And ... I had many e mails ! Where was this message ? In the middle of others messages, important messages but I didn't care ... I was looking for "Alexis Cummings" ... Then, there it was! The subject read "congratulations" ... could it be ? Would it be ? .... YES !! It was !
The time I had to wait to find out such fabulous life changing news terrible ... but the answer was so wonderful that the time no longer mattered. Finally the answer we had been hoping for! Of course, it's still early , nothing is really sure : we have to wait months to be sure's very high stairs we have to climb together with many many steps, irregular steps, but another step, a very high one has been climbed today !

Just after getting your email I sent a text to ****** ... saying you had a pregnancy test yesterday and .... The message finished like that ...
1 minute later He replied : AND ????? I answered "PREGNANT".
He was at work and because of legal issues he didn't want to say much in front of his employers so shortly after my text message he called me. The trembling in his voice meant one thing, he was over joyed and excited just like me!

What an extraordinary day ! Thank you !!!

We love you, and miss you and your family,

reading this email put such a rewarding humbling smile on my face and I forwarded it right to Chris, we feel so good about this, and we are overwhelmed with happiness! I can't describe the feelings I felt knowing I just helped make their wish come true! It was nothing short of the same emotions I had telling Chris I was pregnant with our own Children!

So far this pregnancy has been great! Although the transfer took place 12 days ago I am already 5 weeks pregnant! I have experienced cravings, mostly for Buffalo wings which I hope subsides or else I'm going to gain weight much faster then I already am! I haven't experienced much morning sickness but I am already tired of being tired. The doctor explained that the embryos her transferred were VERY strong and since my hormone levels were extremely high we are fully expecting twins. I did what every pregnant woman SHOULDN'T do and read about what to expect when expecting multiples, which gave me my first panic attack. "Don't be alarmed if you gain 5 pounds and 5-7 inches around the belly in the 1st 7 weeks, you will probably look full term by 4 months!!!" Needless to say I am alarmed, even more alarmed that I have gained 2 lbs already at 5 weeks....I worked very hard to lose weight over the summer and for a brief moment I panicked, all my hard work, sweat, and time was for nothing....Then realized that all that hard work and sweat wasn't for nothing, it was just getting me ready for an experience of a life time, it proved that once this is all over, I WILL be able to lose the weight again!

Thank you everyone, for sharing this exciting moment with us! After months of waiting, the great news has arrived and it wouldn't be nearly as rewarding with out the support from all over you!

I look forward to sharing the next bit of new in 2 weeks when we have our first ultrasound to determine how many babies have developed! So stay tuned, there is much more to come!

the luckiest girl in the world,

*I am making a scrapbook from the couple as a gift for them and the baby, please show your support by writing (no more then a paper) them a letter with advice, support, and words of encouragement! I will need them by March: you can email it to Thank you for helping me make a priceless gift for an extraordinary couple!

-also, because of legal issues I can not use the couples real names, so in this email to discard the name of one of the men I put "******" in the place of his name!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2 Families Become 1

Hey Everyone,
Long time no blog, I apologize for the long pause! This past month has been so crazy that it has been impossible to update you all on the progress we have made on our surrogacy project. However, I am making time now to inform everyone on some recent and very exciting events that have taken place.

1st, about a month ago I started my medication, and injections, it was rocky at the beginning given my fear of needles but I can honestly say that I am growing used to the shots. I began with a small injection that I gave myself in the fatty tissue of my stomach, the anxiety was much worse the the pain of the stick! besides the injection which lasted 3 weeks I was on climara patches which distributes estrogen through the skin, a baby aspirin to thin my blood, an antibiotic to prevent infection, and a prenatal vitamin. These medications had little side effects so day to day I wasn't to hung up on this part of the process.

2nd, once my stomach injections were over I had to begin a different injection. This shot had cause more anxiety then you know....the needle is about 3 inches long and pretty beefy, needless to say I was in panic mode on night 1! It turns out that having Chris give me the shot (which goes in my butt/low back area) made it much less painful, faster, and put my mind at ease. This shot does not hurt but the medication is given in the form of a thick oil that gets injected into my muscles which makes the muscle very tender and sore. I am still taking this progesterone shot now along with my antibiotic, aspirin, prenatal vitamin, and a steroid that is helping strengthen my immune system. this will continue until at least November 11.

3rd. Sunday we arrived in Portland OR to meet with the couple we are having the baby(ies) for. This time Chris and I brought both girls and my best friend Erica (who has been such a trooper). We had a lovely night with the 2 men although it was a short visit. I made supper, they brought dessert and we just talked the night away about what the future hold for all of us involved in this amazing journey! When they left i had this overwhelming since of happiness and i was reassured once again that this is what I am supposed to do, this is the way I can "give back" I share such a bond with them, and i love them as though they are family. I can honestly say they are the most appreciative people I have ever met and as humble as can be. I am so excited to go through this process with them.

Finally, I can say....The transfer is complete! Today was my appointment and surprisingly I was not nervous as all, anxious maybe, and worried the procedure may be uncomfortable but not nervous! Chris went to my appointment with me and having him there and having his support has and is so heartwarming. We are in this process together and knowing i have his support and encouragement has filled my heart with joy! We arrived at 1:00 and by 2 o'clock the transfer of 2 embryos was a complete success. The doctor was very confident that both embryos will take and said everything looked amazing!

We will be in Portland until Thursday morning, while here I will remain on bed rest (which already has be antsy) Then on Thursday we will make the long trip home and begin living our lives as normal. I am already excited about my pregnancy test on the 11th and even more excited to call the couple and tell them that FINALLY our 2 families become 1!!!

thank you everyone for all your kind words, your support, love, and willingness to follow us through this life changing journey! I have such a great support system and because of my terrific family and friends I am able to give these men the gift of new life! I can not thank you enough!

Stay tuned, a pregnancy announcement is coming in only 9 days!

*please forgive my vauge discriptions and my grammer errors, I have 2 toddlers begging to be on the computer! :)