Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2 Families Become 1

Hey Everyone,
Long time no blog, I apologize for the long pause! This past month has been so crazy that it has been impossible to update you all on the progress we have made on our surrogacy project. However, I am making time now to inform everyone on some recent and very exciting events that have taken place.

1st, about a month ago I started my medication, and injections, it was rocky at the beginning given my fear of needles but I can honestly say that I am growing used to the shots. I began with a small injection that I gave myself in the fatty tissue of my stomach, the anxiety was much worse the the pain of the stick! besides the injection which lasted 3 weeks I was on climara patches which distributes estrogen through the skin, a baby aspirin to thin my blood, an antibiotic to prevent infection, and a prenatal vitamin. These medications had little side effects so day to day I wasn't to hung up on this part of the process.

2nd, once my stomach injections were over I had to begin a different injection. This shot had cause more anxiety then you know....the needle is about 3 inches long and pretty beefy, needless to say I was in panic mode on night 1! It turns out that having Chris give me the shot (which goes in my butt/low back area) made it much less painful, faster, and put my mind at ease. This shot does not hurt but the medication is given in the form of a thick oil that gets injected into my muscles which makes the muscle very tender and sore. I am still taking this progesterone shot now along with my antibiotic, aspirin, prenatal vitamin, and a steroid that is helping strengthen my immune system. this will continue until at least November 11.

3rd. Sunday we arrived in Portland OR to meet with the couple we are having the baby(ies) for. This time Chris and I brought both girls and my best friend Erica (who has been such a trooper). We had a lovely night with the 2 men although it was a short visit. I made supper, they brought dessert and we just talked the night away about what the future hold for all of us involved in this amazing journey! When they left i had this overwhelming since of happiness and i was reassured once again that this is what I am supposed to do, this is the way I can "give back" I share such a bond with them, and i love them as though they are family. I can honestly say they are the most appreciative people I have ever met and as humble as can be. I am so excited to go through this process with them.

Finally, I can say....The transfer is complete! Today was my appointment and surprisingly I was not nervous as all, anxious maybe, and worried the procedure may be uncomfortable but not nervous! Chris went to my appointment with me and having him there and having his support has and is so heartwarming. We are in this process together and knowing i have his support and encouragement has filled my heart with joy! We arrived at 1:00 and by 2 o'clock the transfer of 2 embryos was a complete success. The doctor was very confident that both embryos will take and said everything looked amazing!

We will be in Portland until Thursday morning, while here I will remain on bed rest (which already has be antsy) Then on Thursday we will make the long trip home and begin living our lives as normal. I am already excited about my pregnancy test on the 11th and even more excited to call the couple and tell them that FINALLY our 2 families become 1!!!

thank you everyone for all your kind words, your support, love, and willingness to follow us through this life changing journey! I have such a great support system and because of my terrific family and friends I am able to give these men the gift of new life! I can not thank you enough!

Stay tuned, a pregnancy announcement is coming in only 9 days!

*please forgive my vauge discriptions and my grammer errors, I have 2 toddlers begging to be on the computer! :)

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