Thursday, June 3, 2010

We are in contact!!

Hey Everyone,

I received an email from the law office handling our surrogacy asking premission to give my personal email address to the couple we have been paired with. It took me about 3 seconds to reply with an excited, "YES!" I checked my email every hour just waiting and hoping to hear from them sooner rahter than later. Finally, the message I was waiting for came!

I was actually in the car driving home from the zoo with my sister-in-law, nephew, Ruby, and Hazel when I got the email. Not being able to read it right away was making me crazy... so I had my sister-in-law read it to me:)

Since I had already been given thier autobiography, I already knew thier names, ages, where they worked, where they lived, where they grew up, and thier backgrounds and families, but it was so great to hear it all again, especially coming from them personally. Immediately, I felt a connection. My heart was so warmed by thier apperecation, and I could tell how much this all meant to them. I feel now-more than ever-that this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing; this is the "difference" I want to make!

Needless to say, I wrote back as soon as I got home and I would like to share an excerpt from my letter:

"...Also I wanted to let you guys know, that when I signed up to become a surrogate, Ideally I wanted to be paired with a gay couple. Chris and I are very open minded and as a straight couple there isn't much we can do to help the rights of people who arent given the equallity they deserve. In a way, I feel as though I am doing what I can to help give you an opportunity that someone else has taken away. I love being a mother. My kids have made me the person I always dreamed of being. Each day I learn something from them, I smile when they smile, and I almost cry when they laugh because its just the most overwhelmingly beautiful sound. I look forward to helping you have a child of your own, so the 2 of you can enjoy those same things..."

So, for those of you who didn't already know (or didn't just figure it out), Chris and I will be carrying a baby for a homosexual couple from France*. Although we are from a small town, we do not have small minds, and we firmly believe in equal rights and opportunities for every deserving person no matter color, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Also, we have been pleasantly surprised to find that everyone we have talked to has shared the same opinion. It's good to know that we have such great friends and family.

I am more than willing to answer any question concerning our decsion. Please know that Chris and I have talked about this extensively amoung ourselves and with our family and know we are doing a great thing-the right thing-and we are so excited to be a part of this!

We have scheduled our initial meeting with the couple. They will be in the States at the end of June to spend some time with us and get to know me, Chris, and the girls on a more personal level. That day can't get here soon enough for all invovled, but when it does I will fill you all in on how it all goes.

Thanks again for your love and support. You guys realy amaze me!


*Because the men are from France, they will only visit in June before the implantation, during the implantation, and during and after the delivery. We will keep in contact through phone calls and emails. In France surrogacy is completely forbidden and a gay couple cannot adopt. In order to make this legal, it will all take place here. Since one of the men will be the biological father, they will be able to raise the child as a couple, giving the other man rights to the child if something were to happen to the biological father.


  1. You two are absolutely amazing.

  2. so excited i sure hope they like to shop and u should probably tell them about me since i will be your nanny when u go on "bedrest":)