Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ladies Ga Ga- They were born this way ;)

Hey Everyone,

  I can finally breath, as well as a pregnant woman can at least. But figuratively speaking I can breath...relax...enjoy this pregnancy, and oh it feels so good!!

  Yesterday was my 2nd and LAST appointment with the high risk specialist, and I couldn't be happier:) after an hour long ultrasound the nurse informed us that 1. The blood clot is GONE!!! 2. As my uterus has expanded with the growth of the babies, the placenta has moved over 1cm away from my cervix...meaning I no longer have placenta previa!!! 

  In terms we can all understand...this pregnancy has went from terrible terrible terrible to normal!! No more morning sickness, I'm not exhausted, and other then the occasional headache, back ache, and swollen legs and feet I have no complaints! I never ever thought this day would come and here it is...I can sit back, close my eyes, relax and feel both babies wiggle and giggle inside me with a big smile on my face.

  Although the high risk specialist is out of the picture this is still a twin pregnancy, and considered high risk. The risk we face though, are typical of a twin pregnancy...1 baby is breech and due to the lack of room there is a very small chance that will change, meaning a CSection is still a likely possibility (but my fingers are crossed). There is also a risk the babies may get to big, so it's still 100% possible these babies will need to be born between 33-36 weeks...and I won't complain about that either way, of course I want them growing and healthy so the longer we wait the better (for them!). That being said...Ahhhh!!! A sigh of relief!

Also, after much deliberation the daddies to be have finally picked out names! No more baby A no more baby B! 

Baby A= Garance (Ga-ronce) which I believe is the name "Grace" in American
Baby B= Gabrielle

The dads are Lady GaGa fans so these babies will be their own personal Ladies Ga-Ga:) so sweet yet hilarious!

I am already putting together a few things for this couple and your help would be great! I need to BARROW (meaning you will get your items back) infant car seats, bassinets, pack n plays, ect. The couple will be here for 2-6 weeks and if they can barrow these things while here it would save them the anxiety of bring it over from France or buying it here and lugging it back to France with their newborns.

Also I will be having a welcoming shower for them and the babies so everyone can see the ending/beautiful beginning of this journey....so please let me know if you'd be interested in meeting this family before they start a separate journey 1000's of miles away!

Thanks again for your prayers, thoughts, and best wishes...they have paid off in the most extraordinary way! I owe you guys big time:) 

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  1. I certainly didn't have all the trouble you had, but I had placenta previa too - for the first part of my pregnancy. I'm SO glad you don't have it anymore!