Monday, March 28, 2011

Physical vs Emotional

Hey everyone,
  Now that things are going wonderfully I hardly have much to tell. After the long road we have travel though, I'm not sure I should be complaining. Actually I'm certain I shouldn't complain...these past few weeks have been wonderful!
I recently had a prenatal appointment, as well as an ultrasound (surprise surprise!) and once again all signs point to PERFECTION! Both baby girls are setting up for the long haul, and growing so wonderfully. A big issue with twins is in many cases (most all) one baby outgrows the other resulting in one baby being much smaller and more vulnerable once born...these babies are the EXACT same size, same heart rates, and both wiggly as all get out, the doctors are so pleased and astonished at the turn this train wreck of a pregnancy has taken. They are so pleased that from here on out I will be treated as a regular patient...i will do one more 2 week ultrasound and prenatal appointment, then like other pregnant women I will have check ups every 2 weeks with an ultrasound to check baby size and position every 4 weeks! I couldn't be more thrilled...and I can say the same about the daddies:)

So...physically things are normal! I'm starting to nest, and my mind thinks up something to do constantly, unfortunately my body isn't on board! My back aches and the stretching of my skin is becoming very uncomfortable. Small things like sitting up after laying down or walking to the bathroom (which happens every 5 minutes no lie) makes me feel as thought I'm a chain smoker who just ran a marathon...catching my breath is impossible when you have babies from ribs to pelvis. Also feeling them move has been...interesting to say the least, it's like a wrestling cage in my uterus, typical sisters...they are always fighting and since clothes and boys aren't an issue I can only assume they are fighting over leg room ;) one moves left, one moves right and pretty soon my stomach is distorted and lop sided. 

Speaking of stomach...holy cow, and  I mean cow! I'm am getting larger and larger...I'm not sure how it's physically possible to get any bigger but I'm sure I'm going to find out in due time. Emotionally this weight gain and expanding belly has taken a huge toll on me, one I didn't expect! Most of you that know me know I've had weight issues my whole life...last year I worked harder then ever to shed the pounds and I was 15 pounds from my goal when I started hormone shots (which put an end to weight loss) so here I am full of babies and craving food like pancakes, steak n shake, steak...and shakes lol. Now i'm 40 lbs from my goal weight and as the pounds come on I get depressed thinking about all the time, all the effort all the sweat and tears it will take to lose this baby weight! These are struggles that every pregnant woman takes on as their bodies take form of a baby incubator...and with the help of a loving husband I am coping so bare with my body imagine complaints and insecurities because now that all is wonderful it's the small things like weight gain and back aches that creep up on me and those petty dispositions have found a way to take over my mind. 

Hang with me, this pregnancy has about 14 weeks but the journey is far from over!

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