Thursday, April 28, 2011

From our family to yours

Garance & Chloe,
 I'm writing you today, knowing it will be years before you both are mature enough to process exactly what I am about to say. My hopes, though, are that one day in the future you are able to look back upon this letter and know just how much you are loved and what an impact you have had on our lives.
  From the beginning, before we were even paired with your dads we were so excited and anxious to become pregnant, excited to share this humbling experience as a family...when we got the call saying the opportunity was available we couldn't accept fast enough! From that moment on the journey began.
  We were in contact with your dads and fell in love with them, as individuals, as a couple, and as future parents. It was as if we had known them for years. My husband and I were astonished by their genuine desire to have children. As we watched them play with our own children, it became very clear to us that these two men were meant to be parents. We left our first meeting wishing we could speed everything up and give them the children they desired right away. It was truly a heart warming moment for us.
  After months of communicating via email, it became even more clear...the connection my family had with yours was stronger than ever. My heart and my body were both ready to embrace the two of you. From that moment on the rest was history.
  I was pregnant, both embryos took to my uterus. I was going to grow twins. Later we found out you both were girls! My husband and I had 2 daughters of our own, so how fitting to give that same gift to another couple. You were labeled Baby A (Garance) and Baby B (Chloe) so from the first ultrasound, so that's what we called you. I hoped you both grew in to healthy babies and judging by the severe morning sickness I suffered, you girls were just fine! The beginning of this pregnancy was rough, we experienced lots of downs and not to many ups...but we all kept faith and remained optimistic. Both of you must have been strong girls because after months of worrying, at once all problems vanished. This was now a healthy pregnancy and we all were relieved and over come with joy ! Now, my family and yours could breathe easy and enjoy the end of this miracle in the making.
  I'm 28 weeks pregnant, you are expected to make your big debut in about 2 months. I am anxious, my body is sore and distorted, my skin is stretched and my legs and feet beg me to lay down...yet I embrace these moments. I watch my stomach move and jerk as the two of you fight for room. I press my daughters' hands onto my moving abdomen and let them experience the life that is you. My husband and I often discuss what you may become one day and how much we love you and hope you are happy with the parents you have been blessed with. We wonder what you will think of us, and hope that in the future we will remain right now we embrace the aches and pains and swollen legs, because those complaints are reassurance that you both are safe, sound and close!
  As this letter comes to a close I want you to know that we love you both as a member of our family. You will alway hold a place in our hearts and we will alway welcome you with open arms. Your story is a part of our story, and no matter how far in distance you both may be the memory of how you became will be near to us for as long as we live. Thank you so much for being a huge part of who we are and molding us into who we have become. 

We wish you both a beautiful, happy, and healthy life, full of love and peace! 

Hugs and kisses to last you a life time: 

Alexis Cummings


  1. This brought tears to my eyes and goosebumps to my skin!! I am so proud of you Alexis!! Love you so much!! - Ashley

  2. You are so amazing. This letter brings me so much joy to what to look forward to in the upcoming months. You're a great person! - Autumn

  3. I am 18 years old. and i am gay. Just graduated high school. I hope that someday i will have a beautiful couple like you and your husband in my life. At the moment i have a boyfriend of two years but we can never predict the future. And i dont know... i am kind of in love with the idea of being a single parent someday :) i bond that could never be broken. But who knows. i hope you and these two beautiful gifts the best of luck in your lives and i am so happy for the two men you gave this beautiful gift to <3
    -Kenneth Johnson