Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Unexpected turn!

Hey Everyone,
  Finally, I have reached the 3rd trimester...and like the beginning of this pregnancy, things have proven to take a turn for the worst! 
  2 weeks ago I was experiencing contractions, so after my routine check up I was sent to the hospital for some fetal monitoring as well as blood test. Everything came back fine...just dehydrated. The blood work showed that I am in fact anemic ( I was a 6, normal is 12). Other then a daily iron pill I was instructed to go about my day to day life, no biggy!
  A week later I had a standard ultrasound, the babies looked good, but once again baby A is showing her stubborn side and is slowly slipping off the " average " size scale. There was no immediate threat, just something we would "keep an eye on" I left feeling pretty good and very anxious to have these two perfect babies and be reunited with their dads!
  Today, well today there was a twist! I went in for a weekly routine visit, the doctor was pleased with how things had turned out. I measured 39 weeks (typical for a twin pregnancy), both fetal heart rates sounded great, and finally we had a CSection scheduled for July 7th at 7:30 a.m.  Before leaving the doctor noticed that  even a small task like holding a conversation made me winded. He asked if I had am problems breathing and I mentioned that just walking to the bathroom made my heart race as though I just ran a marathon. I figured having two babies inside me, and being so large at 30 weeks this was pretty normal. He, as a precaution decided to do an oxygen intake count. My oxygen levels were great (90) but my resting pulse was extraordinarily high (200, 150, 140...normal for a pregnant woman is 90-100) he then explained that the iron pills weren't working fast enough, and with the anemia my heart is working extra hard to pump my very thin blood causing a shortness of breath. If I am struggling the babies are struggling, so this is pretty scary stuff. I am at high risk for heart failure, and a emergency CSection would usually be the next step...however, due to the anemia it's not safe to undergo surgery. So, what do we do now...

I have been ordered on strict bed rest (impossible with 2 toddlers). And I'm can not so anything that my raise my heart rate! I go to the hospital next Wednesday for a Biophysical ultrasound to check the vitals of both girls, followed by an appointment to discuss what needs to happen from this point forward. The scheduled CSection will likely be moved up a week or two, and we will decide what needs to be done in the meantime. As of now I am shaking in my boots and hoping among all hope for the best possible outcome...after all, this pregnancy went from awful to perfect in a matter of weeks, maybe that same luck will strike once more?!

  I have a wonderful group of friends, and a terrific husband, with their love and support I know the next few weeks will work in the favor of all involved. I am in close contact with the dads too and their main concern at this point is my health and well being...the compassion and understanding they willingly lend me is all the more reason I feel so great about giving them this gift of responsibility and parenthood!      

Thanks so much for your kind and caring words! I am eager to update you on this situation so keep following this amazing and unexpected journey!

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  1. Alexis-

    You don't know me personally but I'm one of Brandon's ex gf's... I found out about the amazing selfless thing you were doing back in May or June and I've been following along on your incredible journey. I commend your huge heart for sacrificing mentally, emotionally, and physically for these 2 gentleman who want to be parents like everybody else. You are an amazing individual and I will continue to pray for you and those babies.