Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm about there...maybe?

Hey Everyone,

  31 weeks and 4 days...I could probably count up how many hours and minutes pregnant I am at this point, any pregnant lady would tell you the same once they have made it this far. Being anxious and nervous makes these last weeks agonizingly long!

July 1st is my new CSection date, but me nor the doctors believe I will make it to that date, and the surprise factor is killing me! I'm the kind of person who, even at 26 still begs to know what I got for Christmas weeks (even months) in not knowing when theses girlies are going to make their debut has me crazy with anticipation, especially after last week!

Last week I spent 2 nights thinking "tonights the night" while being stuck in a hospital bed away from my family (which was very difficult for all of us). I was sent to the hospital due to regular contractions coming every 5 minutes. I have began to dilate but we determined this was preterm labor rather then the real thing. I was given an injection to stop labor, the side effect was rapid heart rate. If you read my last blog you know that I need no help raising my pulse, so this medication sent me in to a full on panic/anxiety attack...these attacks also have occurred due to Chloe' being so high. So after wearing an oxygen mask, and various medications we got everything under control! While there I was also given steroid injections (oh my, I would take months of hormone injections over the 2 steroid injections I received) these were very painful but well worth it. They were given to boost lung development in both girls incase of a preterm delivery, which is looking likely.

I'm finally home and with the help of a handful of medication for the contractions, anxiety, iron problems and acid reflux things seem to be under control. I spend a lot of time in bed, trying to relax due to doctors orders but it's difficult with everyday life is going on around you. 

My husband has been tremendously amazing throughout this difficult time and has proven again and again to be my rock. My girls hated having mommy in the hospital so even at 2 and 3 they take it easy on me (most of the time) I can't wait until these twins are born and I get that pay off of two smiling daddies and a normal summer spent with my family...I miss trips to the zoo and the park, but for now I'll take it day by day and hope for the health of these beautiful baby girls they stay safe and snug for a few more weeks!

My next doctors appointment is Wednesday followed by an ultrasound next week, I'll keep you informed!

*as most know, there was a devastating tornado that hit Joplin, MO. During the beginning stages of this surrogacy process I relied heavily on a woman, wife, mother of 2, surrogate who resides in this town torn by a deadly tornado. Please pray her and her family is safe and surrounded by help during this time of disastrous weather!


  1. You're on my mind a ton! I hope you're doing well. Our date for the transfer is August 13th and then I get to start this exciting process. You are the one I relied on a ton and spoke to so much in the beginning of my process. Thank you so much for all of your blogs - I really love them!
    Autumn Struk

  2. Hey Thanks Autumn! How are your injections going, are you holding up alright? I'm so excited you and your family are beginning this amazing process soon, despite the problem I have had this has been the most rewarding and wonderful experience. I'm so glad you all have the opportunity to hive such a a life changing gift to a very lucky couple:)

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