Sunday, June 19, 2011

Part 1: In Labor/ Out of Labor?

Hey Everyone,
  Holy WOW! so much has gone on since my last blog...and once I explain I am sure you all will accept my apologies for not posting as often as I promised.

  For the past month these dramatic little twins have been trying their hardest to make an early debut. I have been spending many days and nights in the hospital trying to maintain this pregnancy as long as possible with the help of many many medications. At least 1 night has been spent at the hospital per week plus I have a routine doctors appointment once a week. So here lately I'm feeling very much at home laying in a hospital bed with the hum of IV machines to keep me company. 

2 weeks ago was our biggest "labor" scare. At my weekly doctors visit i mentioned to my doctor that I was still experiencing regular contractions (which I assumed were Braxton Hicks) every 6 minutes along with some cramping...after a cervical check he determined that I was dilated to 2 cm which isn't a big deal but a huge change from the week before. He sent me to the hospital for monitoring and things turned for the worst.

The contractions got worse even with medication. And by the end of the night I was dilated to 4 cm. I was in full fledged labor. It was much to early for delivery so things got very tense. Chris had already gone for the night so needless to say I was pretty nervous. I was swarmed my 6 nurses, and the doctor. They were rushing me to St Vincent Women's center via ambulance. I was given a drug called magnesium to stop labor to ensure the babies would not be delivered on the ambulance. 

Chris was already in Indianapolis at a small concert I was sad to miss, getting me an autograph as a surprise so it was very easy for him to meet me at the hospital. Once there the neonatal specialist prepared me for what would happen if the babies were born, I also talked to the doctor who would preform the CSection if necessary. By the end of the night and on into the early morning I was on so many pain meds and so exhausted from excruciating contractions I was able to get some sleep and by morning I was sore but active labor had  stopped. I stayed for 2 nights to make sure I wasn't actively dilating anymore. I wasn' I was homeward bound!

Every since that evening my doctor has kept very close eye on me and the changes my body is currently going through. The goal was to keep me pregnant until at least 35 weeks so that I am able to stay with our local I am, 35 weeks and 3 days, so now I can say "We made it!"

On average twins are born at 35 weeks so we are anticipating their birth any day, but at the latest they will be here July 1st. I am still experiencing contractions, and I am wore out. My body feels 38 weeks pregnant which means I lay in bed a lot. Everyday tasks, like doing my make up or even showering has become more of a chore. I find myself very temperamental and testy as well as emotional...all I can say is my poor poor husband lol!  Luckily he will only have to deal with these crazy hormones for a few more days!

Now that your updated on my medical condition...part 2 is to come! The daddies are here and I can not wait to fill you all in on our reunion:) stay tuned!!

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