Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Part 2: Reunited and it Feels so good!

Hey everyone,
  Here is the much anticipated part 2 of my blog...and just the thought of writing it makes me want to sing "Reunited and it feels so good..." 

  They are here! The daddies...they are finally with us, and I have never felt more complete! For the first time during this pregnancy I feel relieved...everything is in place for the birth of these girls, no wondering what will happen if the guys don't make it in time, no more feeling like they will miss out, just the simple satisfaction of having everyone together for the joyous occasion we have ALL been waiting for.

The guys flew in to Chicago Thursday and on Saturday they were settled in to their hotel in Avon Indiana! I couldn't believe it...after months of being a world apart they were only minutes away! We planned on meeting at 6 and enjoying dinner together and I assure you, 6:00 couldn't have came fast enough. I waited and waited (and napped) and waited more. It came time to leave and between these crazy pregnancy hormones and my excitement I will admit I was literally pushing Chris and the girls out the door! 

We arrived at the hotel to be greeted by one of the dads. The expression on his face will forever stick with me. This was the first time he was able to see his daughters. The feeling was strange...all this time, I have felt them kick, seen them on ultrasounds, and heard their heartbeats...and here their father stands, seeing my growing stomach which holds his daughters for the first time. 

We went upstairs for a drink ( caffeine free DT coke) and to meet up with dad number 2. Again, when walking in the door I received the same look...immediately after, the couple exchanged a quick conversation in french, I was a little insecure not being able to understand but they were anxious to fill me in. They couldn't believe it, for the first time this was all real, and my extra large tummy was proof!

We met up with my best friend Erica (who met the guys in Portland) and did a lot of catching up at the dinner table. They were curious to know how I was feeling, and asked time and time again if I was okay, or tired. Once again they proved to be such wonderful people, so considerate, so humble and appreciative.  And again I thought...we are matched with the most perfect couple, which left me feeling so excited about this long bumpy journey we have been traveling down for the past year!

 Time flew by and conversation came easy, but the night came to a very unwanted end, but it wouldn't be for long. The next day was Sunday, Father's Day...how fitting:) we invited them to a cook out in Spencer, Indiana at Chris' brothers house. They gladly accepted and had a terrific time. They kept asking if living in a cabin, in the woods, eating outside on the porch was "normal" because they have only seen such a scene in the movies. They enjoyed corn on the cob for the first time, and wore IU hats...listened to folk music and laughed it up when jokes were told. They fit right in and instantly Chris' family saw what we saw all those months ago, they loved the couple and embraced them with hugs and the kindest words. 

Once again our evening came to an end, and once again we planned to meet the next evening...this time for shopping!!! Unfortunately the shopping trip was exchanged for a hospital trip due to me being under the weather. It wasn't a lost cause though...they got to see the hospital, they were complete impressed! But the highlight of this hospital trip was, for the first time the guys got to hear their babies heart beats...all you mommies and daddies know what a magical moment that is. Typically it happens around 10 weeks...they waited 8 months to hear that amazing gallop of racing heart beats. At the moment, their smiles said it all, my heart was full I felt at that moment all the pain, all the scares, all the hospital visits were worth it! I can't even imagine how overwhelmingly happy I will be to see then united with their girls...and I can't wait to share that experience with you, so again...stay tuned only 10 days at the most:)

Also if anyone is interested in joining us for a welcoming cookout we will host one in honor or the twins and the dads July 10th plea send your addresses and I will get a formal invite out asap:)

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