Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hey everyone,
  It's me again, and I am sure your wondering why I'm writing...especially since I ended my surrogacy story a few weeks ago. 

  Well the Cummings Family has some exciting news to share with you. Over the past year you all have followed our Journey Through Surrogacy, your kind words and tremendous amount of support was so overwhelming and appreciated especially during the tough times but not forgotten during the great times... We hope that you will continue to support us and follow us as we enter  into another Journey through another surrogacy!!

Chris and I had planned on expanding our family very soon, but in my heart I knew I wanted to do another surrogacy. I struggled for a long time and to be honest it's still a struggle at time: do I expand my own family right now? Or do I help an unfortunate couple start a family they otherwise wouldn't have? I desperately want another baby of my own, and so do Chris but we have 2 beautiful daughters who have my whole heart...my life without them isn't a life I want to live...so I put myself in the shoes of a family unable to have children and my heart breaks, so to me, to us, this is our way of giving two people the "light of their lives" just has Ruby and Hazel are the lights of our lives:)

We re-applied with our agency, fully expecting to wait a long time to be chosen, just as we did the first time around. Our thought was...if this was meant to be we will be selected by March...if we aren't selected by March we will work on expanding our own family. The next day we were selected! A sign...this is what we were supposed to do!

We discussed the pro's and con's for over a month...as you can imagine Chris was very skeptical and concerned for my health (as I am still struggling to with complications from my csection) after discussing and really racking our brains we agreed to continue through the process.

  This is still in the early stages, I still need to be cleared by the Portland clinic, and for my own personal benefit I want to physically be cleared by my doctor, as well as discuss any risk and recommendations.

Given I am cleared, This transfer will not take place before my body is fully ready (typically 9 months after my last delivery). Also I can assure you there will be only 1 embryo implanted so the risk for twins is the same as it is for the general population (3%).  As far as the couple who selected us, we are very excited to get to know them. We have not spoken to them yet because we all feel it would be best to invest ourselves emotionally AFTER getting cleared by the doctors. As of right now I know very little about them and their "story" and I think at this point what I know is much to personal to share, as I don't have a personal relationship with them...and we are not sure if we are a compatible match for one another, only during many conversations, and a physical meeting can that be decided. I will tell you this couple and I have some common ground, FRANCE!

Stay tuned, no matter which way this journey goes I will blog all along the way...remember though, these beginning steps take time so writing may not be consistent, however, since this is my second (and last) time doing this, it will go much faster then the first time around. Thank you all again and gain for your ongoing support and kind words I look forward to sharing this process with you once again:)

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