Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby A...mazing

Hey Everyone,
  A weight has been lifted, both my family and the couples family can breath easy knowing both babies GIRLS are in perfect health! 
 These past few days have been emotionally straining on everyone involved. A wave of feelings have come, gone and come again. I have felt sadness, guilt, hope, happiness, relief, and frustration among other emotions I can't quite explain. Through everything this pregnancy has brought I have never questioned my decision to be a surrogate. I would like to share an email written by the couple so you get a feel for the love we share for one you fully understand why, through the hardship this is the most rewarding experience.


We are really sorry about all that bad things and stress you have experienced.
The most important thing is that you, Chris and the girls are fine. Whatever happens you 've done more than your best, more than any other woman would have done if she were in your place.
You were right : at the beginning  we chose you because you had 2 successful pregnancies, we didn't know you, and it was so strange to chose someone you don't know for something so important.  Then we discovered the person you are ... an incredible person, you are better than anything we could have dreamed of.  The more we have gotten to  know you, the more we realize how lucky we are to have the chance to know you. So once again don't feel bad for us, whatever happen happens and  there's nothing you could have done better.
 You've been through so many bad things, all to give us the chance to be parents : needles, bad exams, pain... we owe you so much, more than anything we could give you back.
We are sorry too, for the girls and Chris, it's so hard for them, it must be so painful for your 2 lovely girls to see their mom sick and so stressed. Sometimes we consider ourselves as really selfish to ask you and your family for so much, to put through such a hard pregnancy.
Tonight I've prayed for baby A, and i pray for you too. I haven't prayed for 22 years, when i was 14 I lost a friend in a car accident and I thought god couldn't take such a young girl. Tonight I prayed my way, I'm not sure god exists, but I asked him to save that little baby... if the way you pray matters ... I'm not sure it will be effective, but I did it with all my heart and soul....

That is just a SHORT portion of an email that possibly changed my life. These 2 men are 2 of the most amazing, loving people I have had the pleasure of knowing...they are the reason I'm doing this, they are the reason after having my head in a toilet all day I go to bed feeling good. This has taken an emotional and physical toll on me and my family and I can tell everyone right's been worth it!

I really hope everyone who reads this feels the love that pours from these men...

Also thank you, thanks for your help, comments, text, calls and concerns, it's the most humbling feeling to know you care so much. Keep praying for a fast recovery. Already the hematoma is down 3 cm and the placenta is reattaching. I can't say thank you enough, your support has made this process that much more enjoyable! I love you!

Now, just what the doctor ordered..a vacation! Enjoy the Indiana snow and I will be enjoying the snow while relaxing in a cabin in the smokey mountains! Stay safe through this horrible weather and stay tuned to "our journey through surrogacy" there's much more to come!


  1. Alexis, you are such an inspiration. You are doing such a wonderful thing for this couple. No matter how hard it's been on you and your family, you all keep going. I know it hasn't been easy. I enjoy seeing your posts each day. You have such a great support system as well. I'm so proud of you!


  2. Alexis, you are such an incredible writer. I am so happy to have your blog to share with my family what we will be enduring in the near future. You give me the strength to know that what I am doing is for all the right reasons and I can't wait to experience all that you have. You're doing so're amazing!
    Autumn Struk