Friday, January 28, 2011


Hey Everyone,
  I want to let everyone in on a project I'm working on and give all of you the chance to help make it special!

As a gift to the parents to be and babies I am making a scrap book. In the scrap book I will include pictures, ultrasound pictures, journal entries, and fun tidbits like cravings and comments made by my girls.

In addition. I am hoping to get at least 20 letters of support, encouragement and advice given by you for the couple. Please please help make this scrap book complete and extra special. I will need the letters asap so I can get started! Send you letters to:

Thank you so much for your wonderful support and help. Please tell friends and family member who know of our journey to feel free to send there letters as well. The more the more special and the more impact YOU have on this family's (and my) life! 

Thank you!

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