Friday, February 4, 2011

Conflicting information?

Hey Everyone,
  Well I will be the first to admit that this pregnancy has had it's fair share of ups and downs...and here lately I feel a though the downs are out weighing the ups, as you can imagine this has been a struggle for everyone involved. 

Last night we made yet another trip to the hospital, it's kinda sad because I'm beginning to remember nurses by their names and they are remembering me too (mostly because this is a surrogacy and it tends to stick in peoples heads). Once again I was asked to go in due to more bleeding. This wasn't as dramatic as before but still stressful none the less.

Ever since my last "scare" the bleeding has hasn't been bad and has been very manageable yet annoying...however being annoyed isn't a medical emergency. Yesterday was different. The bleeding came with cramping so I called the Doctor. The on call doctor explained what was happening. Basically I have a loose blood vessel that was supposed to attach to the placenta. Since it has not attached it's bleeding into an open space which was created by the blood. The vessel is bleeding between the placenta and the uterine wall. The bigger the bleed gets the more the placenta detaches...if the placenta detaches the baby will not survive. So this is a much touchier situation then I initially thought. The bleed went from 5 cm to 3 cm and last night it was back up to 5 cm which mean the bleed isn't clotting. The doctor explained that when I move or lift something the vessel pumps a new drop or two of blood causing the clot to bleed again. Since it's not clotting I have been told I need to be on bed rest. Typically I would say "no house cooking...twilight marathons....Woohoo!" but I have 2 kids bed rest isn't an option. 

I have been given conflicting information by doctors. The on call doctor says bed rest, my doctor says there's nothing I can or can't do that will effect this either I'm torn! I will see my doctor on Wednesday and I will also have an ultrasound, I plan on discussing my situation (pros and cons) with my OB and hopefully get some answers. I will let everyone know how my appointment goes and hopefully bed rest will be as needed.

Thanks so much for your concerns and prayers! You guys are terrific!

*big thanks to my husband, he has so much on his plate yet made time to add a slide show at the bottom of the blog. More pictures to come! Thanks babe!


  1. I can undertand why you are torn. It's hard when medical information conflicts, especially in such a tender situation. I would take it easy this weekend until you talk to your doctor though. I guess I understand where the ER doc is coming from. When you do anything physical, it produces adrenaline and increases blodd flow?! I hope that is not the case and you will be in my prayers.

  2. I just found your blog through another ASA sister. I want to say how much I appreciate the honesty of your entries, particularly on the topic of love. I find it refreshing that you wonder/worry about the issue of loving and (later) missing the babies. I am pregnant with our third child, so although I cannot relate to the issue of surrogacy, I do know what it is like to carry a sweet baby inside. Best wishes!

  3. Hey Poki,
    Your right, conflicting doctors orders can be so confusing, I'm really hoping to get some answers at my appointment tomorrow afternoon. It will be such a relief to get some straigh answers!

    Thank you so much, it's really refreshing to here from people I don't know expressing their support. I truly have the greatest sisters and their encouragement is a blessing. I'm so gla they brought you to my blog, I will remain honest and open throughout this surrogancy! Thanks again for your kind words, they are so touching!