Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love and Acceptance

Hey Everyone,
  For the past two days I've been plagued with that dreaded morning sickness again, it has came back 10 times as bad yet I find myself thankful. I had 6 wonderful days, I felt normal, full of energy and actually sat down for meals with my family! 

 At the fist sign of nausea I started to whine, and complain. The day went on and I was vomiting more and body hurt, my throat hurt, I was cramping and my abdomen felt like I had done crunches for hours on end. Then laying in bed I thought...this is what I'm complaining about, puking? I am puking because I'm pregnant, with the babies of 2 men who are discriminated against, who are told their lifestyle is wrong and against Gods will, who have to travel to another country and pay huge amounts of money to live out the dream of being parents...and instead of sharing their wonderful news with the world they are forced to keep it a secret. I'm puking, my body hurts, and I'm exhausted, yet these are minor problem compared to discrimination, prejudice, and hate! 

  Laying in bed I am overwhelmed with acceptance...I accept that I will be sick, I accept my children may not get the attention they deserve, I accept that I will continue to miss out on things due to bed rest, I accept that I need help from friends, family, and my husband...I accept these things because this is bigger then me and my petty problems. This pregnancy in itself is's support, encouragement, it's a voice preaching "Gay Rights" "Peace" and "Love" so when you're having a bad day, when you find yourself frustrated, when you are feeling like less of a person or pushed around, know that it's going to get better, tough times will end...I have to believe this and trust in this, and so do you. I promise, when you start walking in someone else shoes and looking into the tribulations others face you will learn that your petty complaints are just that...petty! 

  Let's all work toward the bigger picture, let's all work together to accept and spread the word of love.

Here is an inspiring video I saw on YouTube I hope it inspires you deep into your heart as it did mine. Enjoy and share with others!


  1. Alexis, you are an inspiration to us all!

  2. Alexis, Hi! I actually have started a blog of my own. You're idea to write about this experience made me want to write about mine. Here's my url:

    Hope you read and keep in touch!