Monday, February 14, 2011

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait?!

Hey Everyone,

  So today was the day I anticipated or maybe dreaded all weekend. After a few days of "taking it easy" I was ready to finally get some answers from the high risk specialist. Little did I know I would be biting off much more then I could chew. 

This pregnancy has proven to go wrong and wrong again, so let's start off with some good news...there is NO amniotic band, the tissue is just scar tissue probably from a previous pregnancy. The doctor said basically it will act as a play toy for baby A! Have fun little one!!

Unfortunately that was all the good news I received. We saw the bleed again, it is directly above the placenta (which means the placenta is fully attached now) however, we found that the placenta has attached directly above my cervix. This isn't good, this means the placenta will be birthed before the baby which can NOT happen. This is what is they consider "Very high risk." I will probably be deliver via c-section and preterm.

Like a typical ultrasound they also scanned both babies. While they were focusing on baby A they found blood in her bowels. This could mean 1 of 4 things. 
1. Nothing
2. She ingested blood from the clot.
3. She has Down Syndrome.
4. She has Cystic Fibrosis.
Its likely she ingested blood from the clot, which will not hurt her at all. But there is a higher then normal risk of options 3 and 4 as well which obviously is very concerning.

After the scan Chris and I had to meet with a genetic counselor. There we were given information on Down Syndrome and CF as well as our options. We are waiting to see if the couple would prefer me to undergo genetic test called amniocentesis ( where they use a large needle to extract amniotic fluid from baby A.) there is a risk of miscarriage (1/300) so much thought will go into this by all of us but right now we all are having open discussions taking everyone in to consideration.

After talking about what MAY be wrong we had to discuss  all the "what ifs." At this point I was so overwhelmed that speaking about putting the baby up for adoption or even aborting baby A (if she had Down Syndrome) was to much to bare. So instead of going forward and talking about those "options" we are going to take everything day by day and make the best possible choices we can given all the facts once we have them.  Ultimately I signed my body up for this not my morals so I am leaving all decisions up to the parents.   

As you can imagine I have been placed on bed rest, and I will follow up with the high risk specialist every 2 weeks for the duration of the pregnancy. This day has been emotionally stressful on all of us involved. I feel like I am being pushed and pulled in every direction and mentally it's exhausting. I'm ready for more good news and I am optimistic that it will come our way. I am staying strong with the support and help of my wonderful friends and family and once again the couple is so encouraging and supportive. We know we can make it through this hand in hand like the other obstacles we have over come.  I look forward to being in close contact with the fathers of these babies as well as the doctors and genetic counselor. With all of us working together I am more hopeful then ever.

Thank you for your concerns I will keep you all informed as closely as I possibly can. I love you guys!!!

Next appointment: 
Feb 28th @ 1 & 3
Mar 14th @ 2

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  1. Thinking of you and your family, and also the fathers!