Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hand in Hand!

Hey Everyone,
  Monday, Mondays are alway the most dreaded day of the week, but this past Monday brought a whole new meaning to the word "dreaded" I can say now, on Thursday, the storm has passed and I feel so much clarity and peace! 

  After many emails sent back an forth, discussing all we needed to discuss the fathers and I came to the conclusion that we will pass on all genetic testing, because ultimately it does not matter...these babies are babies and although the couple is far removed from the complications happening they have developed the love of a parent already.  This put my mind at ease like you can't possibly imagine, and knowing how concerned they are about my health and the well being of my family just proved to me once again...these men are the most selfless and compassionate men and I am so incredibly lucky to call them family!!

  If course while discussing my health, they became very concerned about my bed rest orders. I was hesitant to discuss this topic because it makes me feel very "car salesmen" like...I had to talk to them about cost (because they will be the ones paying for childcare) and I really hated it, typically this is negotiated through the lawyer but due to the very personal relationship we have with the couple they decided to discuss all options together. I have been dragging my feet on finding a child care center, and it has kind of paid off...the couple would rather I have someone come into our home to watch the that on top of everything else I don't feel anxiety when leaving them. They also want a house keeper to cone lighten Chris' load...I have told them it is not necessary so we have reached a happy medium. We are now searching for In home child care for Monday, Wednesdays, & Fridays from 9-3. Light house work (cleaning up after meals and cleaning up after the girls) will be asked of you as well as staying later if needed on days i have doctors appointments. Of course you will be paid for you hard work...if you know anyone interested please let me know asap we hope to have someone next week. add to all the happy news yesterday was beautiful, not just because the sun was shining, or the temperature was almost 70 (in February) but because for the 1st time since November I was not bothered by Morning/Day/Night seems like the specialist gave me the perfect pill cocktail and I was finally able to relax instead of anticipating many trip to the bathroom...for your reference, the toilet seat doesn't make a good pillow! Today I feel just as good so big shout out to the high risk specialist at St. V in Indianapolis!!

Well, like yesterday today is gorgeous, so you will find me relaxing on the porch swing while the girls run off some stored up winter energy!!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time...we all walked hand in hand and I feel in my heart we made all the right choices...another obstacle over come! 

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